Process & Quality

Broadleaf Lumber Quality

Quality of Lumber

Our process & quality is important, each of our lumber packages is sorted by one-foot increments. Then, we stack and sticker at one-foot increments to ensure the flattest, most consistent lumber. We air-dry down to 25%, then kiln-dry with a vacuum kiln. This process can take from 45 days to 100 days, depending on thickness and species.

  • 95% wane free (bark)
  • Every piece of KD (Kiln Dried) Lumber is manually checked for moisture content using a hand-held moisture meter before it is approved for shipment. Our target MC is 8-10% depending on the end-use and whether the destination is domestic or foreign.
Broadleaf Lumber Walnut


  • Superior / Super Prime grade available in walnut. This grade is described as 90/50 heartwood and oak grading rules applied, 95% wane-free.
  • Double-end trimmed and end-coated with distinctive brown end-coating wax.
Broadleaf Lumber Shipping Quality

Shipping Quality

  • We offer 1 ¼ steel export band.
  • We place spacers which are banded with packages for ease of unloading containers and all of our spacers are heat treated to comply with international specifications.


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